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We offer a number of ActiveX controls that you can quickly implement in your applications. With these controls, you can easily transform your software to have the latest Office XP, 2003, and .NET appearances.

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OfficeMenuOffice XP Menus and Office 2003 Menus

OfficeMenu automatically converts your existing VB6 menus into Office XP, Office 2003, and Visual Studio 2005 style menus. Support for custom fonts, colors, 32-bit XP style icons is included, all without having to write a single line of code. NEW IN 1.7 - Office 2007 Style






Instantly add Aero Glass style effects to your application when running on Windows Vista!

Vista Aero Glass VB  


Add formatted text to your applications using this simplified HTML rendering control.



MDI Tabs 2.0

MDI Tabs allows you to instantly convert your existing VB MDI applications to the new Tabbed MDI style. Supports Aero Glass, Aero Peek, and Windows 7 Tabbed Thumbnails.


Tabbed MDI ActiveX Control








PopupNotifyPopup Notification Component

Display MSN, Office XP and 2003 style popup alerts above the taskbar. Popup notifications are a great way to inform the user, instead of interrupting them as traditional modal messages would.









ProgressBarXP is an progressbar control with Visual Styles support. It can also emulate the Windows XP (Luna) appearance on older versions of Windows. Many other features make this one of the most full-featured progressbar ActiveX controls available.


XP Style ProgressBar

Outlook 2003 ShortcutBar ActiveX Control






ShortcutBar is an ActiveX control that emulates the Outlook 2003  Shortcut Navigation Bar. This is a great way to organize data and navigation all in one convenient location. XP style icons, and complete control over the appearance make a great addition to your UI.






ExplorerBarXP 2.0

ExplorerBarXP is a Windows XP style ExplorerBar control. An explorer bar is a way of presenting several commands to your user in logical groups. These groups can be expanded and collapsed for considerable UI flexibility.

Windows XP ExplorerBar Control



tssBalloonTip 2.0Balloon Style ToolTip Component

Highly customizable balloon tooltip component, with support for custom colors, fonts, icons, and Unicode text.









Other ActiveX Products

tssFileDragDrop  Easily detect when the user has drag-dropped a file onto your application window.
tssHookDisc Receive notifications when a CD or DVD is inserted into a disc drive.
tssSubst Windows replacement for the 'subst' command.
tssTrayNotify Display popup balloon notifications and taskbar icons in the system tray area.






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